Sunday, July 2, 2017

Top Six Psychological Thrillers Films That Will Blow Your Mind

Why a person cannot just get enough of these mind boggling movies is out of question. They result in an intense uncanny pleasure and everyone knows that. Everyone has probably watched the all time famous thrillers, such as;Vertigo or American Psycho. But this list is based on movies which you might have missed watching. So here is another list of some psychological thrillers films.


M.Night Shyamalan is very well known for the endings of his movie and this movie makes us see why. Just recently released in June 2017, this movie has become a superhit thriller probably because it is anchored by the great performance of James McAvoy, whose character suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder\Dissociative Identity Disorder. The whole movie keeps the viewer clinged for the last ten minutes which are spine chilling and disturbing.

2.Mystic River

Starring Kevin Bacon,Sean Pennand Tim Robbins, ff not so close to the novel, this movie has a some huge star power and huge set of themes and lessons. When a daughter of an ex-com is murdered, two of his close friends seem involved. It is complex, emotionally charged and very well acted than any of other Hollywood thrillers.

3.The Voices

Being a fan ofRyan Reynolds, his movie had to be put here and why not! He plays a mentally unhinged factory worker who struggles with schizophrenia and whose cat tells him to be a killer while his dog tells him to keep striving for normalcy. The movie is too horrifying to be funny sometimes but it can be looked upon as a black comedy which catches the viewer to wait till the end.

4.The Guest

Everyone’s recent crush from theBeauty and the Beastand Night and the Museum, Dan Stevens looks so charismatic in this movie with his half grin that he keeps us watching long after we have lost our interest. He is a soldier who lands at a house claiming to be their dead son’s friend, but is he who he says he is?

5.Taxi Driver

Teenagers who are curious about watching violent and gory movies must be familiar with this one. It is an old movie with the tour-de-performance ofRobert De Niro. He plays a disturbed, loner taxi driver who suffers from insomnia and haunts the streets of New York at night.

6.The Girl on the Train

Emily Bluntplays the role of a young woman who catches daily glimpses of a seemingly perfect couple from the window of her train. One day when she witnesses some thing shocking in the backyard of their home, she decides to tell the authorities what she saw which results as a life changer for her.

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