Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to protect your gadgets in monsoon?

The rainy season that is now the monsoon has arrived. This season electronic applications, smartphones, tablets and gadgets demand special maintenance. You have ever noticed that due to the moisture in the air in the rainy season, your gadget or electronic appliance can get disturbances. Air Moisture is not good for electronic devices.

Unplug the appliance in heavy rains:

Heavy rain causes problems like voltage fluctuation and power cut. Your applications can be damaged by this power fluctuation. It would be better at such times that you keep your electronic applications unplugged so that any kind of damage can be avoided.

Buy Waterproof Case for Gadgets:

Rain may occur at any time during the monsoon season. It is not necessary that you are ready to save your device from soaking. In this case, with waterproof case you can save your device from damages. If you can not buy cases, then cut a thick polybag in the house at your device and keep it with you. Using it in the rain will save your device from soaking.

Prevent Fungal Growth:

Your gadgets or applications from the Moisture in the air are afraid of having fungal growth. In such a case, keep your gadgets and applications clean in compact and moist places in a short span of time.

Use Appliances continuously:

Due to high moisturizer your applications or gadgets can be jam or damage. Therefore, use them twice in a week, so that they stay in working condition.

Even after your gadget gets wet, follow these tricks:

Remove the battery:

Phone manufacturing companies do not give any warranty on the handset. If you think the water has gone in the phone, then open the back cover of the phone and remove the battery. After removing the battery, a small sticker is stuck under the battery in the handset which is mostly white in the phone.If the water inside the phone is gone, then it turns into a pink or red color or if there is some moisture inside the phone, then the sticker color will change.

Instantly switch off phone :

Do not make the mistake of turning on the phone when it's dying. If the phone is on, then switch it off immediately. If a drop of water also goes inside the phone, it can spoil it by adding circuits in the chip. Plus, your phone may also have sparking. In addition, remove the phone's accessories, such as- headphones or chargers.

Clean with cotton cloth:

After removing the phone's batteries and accessories, clean it with cotton cloth. The moisture above it dries slightly.

Dry it by air:

Never use a microwave or hair dryer to dry the phone when the phone is damp. This can make the phone more damaged. The best way to do this is to put the phone in front of the fan so that some moisture is dry.

Use Rice:

If there is moisture inside the phone even after all your efforts, then another way can be adopted. Rice is the best way to dry the water inside the phone. Put the phone inside the rice containers and put it in the sun. Actually, rice will increase the temperature inside the sun, which dry the water inside the phone. In this way you will get better results in 24 to 48 hours.

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