Thursday, July 13, 2017

Best ways that help you quit smoking!

Quitting smoking is not easy.we are telling  you four easy steps that can keep anyone away from smoking.

1.Start slowly:

Always keep in mind that cigarette addiction does not stop immediately.If you want to stop cigarette from tomorrow, then your addiction will not let it happen.Those who quit smoking often face this problem.They make up their mind to quit smoking but they can not move forward.That is why it is necessary to increase one step.That is, if you smoke five cigarettes in a day, then make it to 2 or 3, then one and then do not smoke cigarettes.

 2.Follow your role model:

Everyone has some kind of role model.Every human being wants to be like him.In such a way, following the role model to quit cigarettes is a better option. Because you will feel that my favorite celebrity does not smoke, why should I? There are many artists in the film industry which used to be a time chain smoker but today they have given up smoking.

3.Don't step Back:

It is said that success in any work only gets achieved when it is done continuously.The process of quitting cigarettes is a bit longer.If you did not get success for the first time, then consider where it was left.If you continually try, one day you will definitely get success.

 4.Keep body and mind fresh:

A person smokes a cigarette only when he is in stress Or some people become addicted to cigarettes due to fear and anxiety.In this way, first of all, we should remove those things that incite us to drink cigarettes.To keep the brain fresh,include yoga and meditation in the daily routine.Then you will not feel like smoking cigarettes.

  • Yes i know!you can do it!Go ahead...If it helps and you quit smoking..comment below.I will be the happiest person for you.

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